Start & Finish – Malmesbury Showgrounds

100 Miles (160km) – ENTRIES ARE LIMITED.  No late entries will be accepted.

Four spectator points – go and support the riders! Maps on the route page.

Total route elevation is 1950m

Amarider membership & Timing:

The Amarider 100 Miler is an official Amarider event and is open firstly to Amarider members. Amarider members & Tag holders enter at a discounted entry fee.  If you choose to join Amarider you will receive a permanent Trail Tag with your membership at R225 valid for 12 months. All income derived from memberships (donations or memberships) go towards the Amarider trail advocacy efforts.

You will need an Amarider Trail Tag to be timed for this event, you will tag in and out at various check points along the route.

The Trail Tags are available for purchase at R100 or for rent at R50. You’ll use the Tag at most Dirtopia and Amarider events and many trails from this year so you might as well purchase one. If you don’t have a Trail Tag you MUST purchase a temporary Trail Tag at R50 OR a permanent Trail Tag at R100 upon entering.


For the not so brave we have the 50 Miler (80km) which starts at Riebeeck Kasteel (Delico Butchery) and finishes in Malmesbury (please note entries are limited and only pre-entries are taken).

Total route elevation is 1461m.

There will be a shuttle from the finish to the start at Delico at 07h30 and there will be NO shuttle available in the afternoon.  Please arrange lifts with your family or friends. It is a 25km drive from the finish to the start.

Shuttle: Mail Alanda to to secure your spot, R180 –

Please note no refunds will be made for shuttle bookings (even if alternative transport has been made).



Overall Men: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Overall Women: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Sub Vet Men: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Sub Vet Women: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Veteran Men 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Veteran Women: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Master Men: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Master Women: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Please note in order to qualify for category prizes there must be more than 10 entrants within that specific category.



Thursday, 17 May
14h00 – 18h00 Registration @Bellville Cricket Club, Bellville

Catch up with your fellow riders after registration, the bar will be open from 16h00 till late

Friday, 18 May
12h00 – 18h00 Registration @ Dirtopia Trail Centre, Delvera Farm, R44, Stellenbosch

Saturday, 19 May

06h15 – 07h15 Registration @ Malmesburg Showgrounds (100Miler)
(You need to register at least 30 minutes before your start)
07h30 100Miler start
07h30 Shuttle leave from Malmesburg Showgrounds to start of 50 Miler (Delico).
07h30 – 08h45 Registration @Delico (50Miler)
(You need to register at least 30 minutes before your start)
09h00 50Miler start
12h10 First 50Miler finishers expected to cross finish line
12h30 Cut-off at the halfway mark for 100Miler
13h20 app First 100Miler finishers expected to cross finish line
14h35 Cut-off at spectator point 3 (117km)
15h00 Prize giving
15h45 Cut-off at spectator point 4 (last waterpoint)
17h30 Cut-off at finish

For directions to the 50 Miler start point CLICK HERE

For directions to the 100 Miler start point CLICK HERE

Please note: Substitutions at a cost of R50 and it must be sent by Monday the 14th of May for both distances.  Please send an email to

1. Collect the original participants race number (with consent letter)
2. Complete an entry form
3. Pay R50.00 at the “changes to entries” area
NO substitutions OR changes will be allowed on event day (Saturday, 19 May)!

Lunch Stops:
Remember you are ultimately responsible for your own nutrition, but but there will be breakfast & lunch stops with food plus snacks & drinks at the refreshment stations.

Please note there will be a Lube Station at the mid-way point.

There will be no official mechanical back-up on the route, so carry your tools or have your support crew meet you at the next allowed waterpoint.

1) Only ride with your own TrailTag
2) Wear the tag around your right wrist like a watch. Not around your ankle please.
3) The reader is powerful enough to read through arm warmers etc.

5) At the TAG POINT you simply bring the tag in proximityof the reader at which point the reader will activate a loud buzzer to confirm that the read has been successful. It’s simple!
6) There are 2 checkpoints on the route at the Breakfast stop and the Lunch Stop. You will be required to stop and tag yourself at the designated tag point (the route will be funneled so you can’t miss it.)
7) Similarly, when you cross the finish line you will do the same.
8) Note: Your Race Finish time will be measured on your Finish Tag Time, not when you crossed the line.

There will be food, dinks & coffee at the start/finish area for sale as well.

MySOS: 50 & 100 Miler Event Emergency Feature

mySOS app is a Smartphone app available for both iOS and Android. MySOS is the solution for access to the emergency closet and appropriate emergency service without scrolling through contact list or memorising numbers. MySOS can not only be used during our events but everyday. Download here:
mySOS Events Emergency Assist
(a) allows registered users at an accredited event to access the mySOS Events Emergency Assist functionality
(b) allows participants to contact the events emergency coordinator directly through the app, by means of a dedicated events emergency button with default event emergency contact numbers
(c) allows you to activate an emergency response for yourself or on behalf of someone else
(d) auto-notifies the events emergency coordinator on your behalf and provides them with the necessary information.For more information:Twitter: @mySOSzaFacebook:  / encourage all participants to carry their phones with them during the event, arm pouches or a camelback will be perfect for this! Can also be purchased at our Trail Centre. 

Malmesbury Tourism for accommodation options:

Tel: 022 487 1133
Cell: 082 224 1142
Fax: 022 487 1135

Du Vlei Farm for accommodation options:


Cell: 083 269 3310