Event Rules


1) No following of riders on any dirt roads – even if they are district roads! Your rider/team will be disqualified.
2) Mechanical or feeding support only at the designated water stops/transitions and the specified spectator point.
3) Please give riders right of way – some sites will be a bit congested
4) There is ample time to get from point to point – please drive carefully

1) Riders are to complete the route under their own power. Remember NO under 18’s are allowed to participate in the Amarider 100 Miler & 50 Miler.

2) Outside assistance allowed in designated zones only
3) Support vehicles on dirt road sections of the race will lead to team/rider disqualification
4) Assistance from participants is allowed and encouraged (The Burry Rule…)
5) Obey all traffic rules – the roads are not closed!
6) Trains have right of way (The Common Sense Rule)
7) Obey all marshalls but allways a apply the Common Sense Rule.
8) The Race Director reserves the right not to award a category prize should unsportsmanlike behaviour influence the result process (The Wiesenhof Rule)

9) This is a fun event – participate in the right spirit (The Dirtopia Rule)
10) Please note in order to qualify for category prizes there must be more than 10 entrants within that specific category. Team categories only valid if more than 10 teams per category have entered.

11) No refunds or event transfers will be allowed! Substitutions at a cost of R50 and it must be sent in before registration by Monday the 18th of May (when pre-entries close) for both distances.

No late entries will be accepted.

Thereafter substitution OR changes can be made at the event registration (before race day – NOT allowed on Saturday morning!):
1. Collect the original participants race number (with consent letter)
2. Complete an entry form
3. Pay R50.00 at the “changes to entries” area

Remember the original entrant will NOT be refunded his/her entry fee. You may ask the substitute rider to refund your entry fee, but you may not ask for more than you had originally paid. Contraventions may result in the disqualification of both parties.

12) 4 man teams: the time of the 4th rider will count! Remember to “tag in” at finish!

13) CSA members and racing license entrants will race in the starting batches of each group. Please note all CSA and UCI rules apply. Read here!